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Books and Book Chapters

  • Maio 2018  - FIDA , Pedro. KITCHING, James.  International FederationsIn : Football & the Law Book . Ed. Bloomsbury Professional.

  • Maio 2018  - FIDA, Pedro, DE MARCO, Nick, RECK, Ariel.  Third Party Investment . In : Football & the Law Book . Ed. Bloomsbury Professional.

  • 2017  - FIDA, Pedro. NICOLAU, Jean. CONMEBOL Disciplinary Regulations and ProceedingsIn : International Sports Law and Policy Bulletin 1/2017 . Editors Michele Collucci and Marc Cavaliero.

  • 2014  - FIDA, Pedro. Dispute Resolution in Sports: the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)In:  TIMM, Luciano Benetti et. al. Arbitration and Mediation in Intellectual Property, Sports e Entertenimento. Ed.Appris.

Academic articles
  • FIDA, Pedro; MOTTA, Marcos. TPO in Brazil: The Implementation of a Ban. World Sports Law Report. November, 2015.

  • Commentary on National Jurisprudence: Civil Appeal - Action for annulment of a foreign arbitral award - TJSP (ApCiv 0014578-23.2004.8.26.0100. in Revista de Arbitragem e Mediação, Vol. 44, Ed. RT., 2015.

  • FIDA, Pedro. MOTTA, Marcos. Sports Governance, Financial controls and  their impact on the Brazilian Football. Football Legal #2 - Special Report on Financial Controls of Football Clubs. December, 2014.

  • IFAD, Peter. BRESCIANI, Ulisses. Fora de Campo. in Capital Aberto Magazine. November 2014.

  • IFAD, Peter. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS): A Brief Guide for Lawyers. in  Revista do Advogado da Associação dos Advogados de São Paulo. April, 2014.

  • IFAD, Peter. Notes to the Judgment: TAS 2011/A/2199 Justino de Sena & Jayme Netto Jr v/ CBAt .Brazilian Sports Law Review, Ed. RT , São Paulo, n.21, July 2012.

  • IFAD, Peter. Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Sport: National and International Perspectives (Dissertation) – FGV São Paulo Law School, 2010.

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